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SmartCollection is a management software for Recycle Collection Companies who wish to increase productivity, increase efficiency and lower the overall cost of collection. With the built in Rute Plan and Planning tools you will be able to easy decide on collection routes based on Containers with Fullness Sensors and Projection of fullness on containers with no sensor based on the previous 8 weeks

SmartCollection is an Application used by the manager, area managers as well as the drivers that is easy to use and packed with features.

Feature List


Collection Management

  • Manage Warehouses
  • Manage Containers / Container Parameters
  • Manage Container Areas
  • Manage Routes / Predefined Routes (Efficient, flexible Route planning)
  • Manage Area Managers
  • Manage Drivers
  • Manage Container Sensors



  • Live Fullness Level (%) of Containers equipped with Fill Level Sensors
  • Weekly Totals / Container
  • Seperate Interfaces for Driver, Manager, Area Manager
  • Different Access Rights for different roles of users
  • Edit/Delete Saved Routes
  • Ability to add extra Waypoint to a Route which is being collected.
  • Route Optimisation and live Route updates by Google Drive integration.
  • Ability to print routes on paper


Live Updates of Collection, Events, Notifications

  • Live Warehouse Events
  • Live Notifications (Driver actions, Emptied Sites etc.)



  • By Driver
  • By Container
  • By Predefined Route
  • By Area
  • By Council
  • Export to Exel, CSV or PDF for any period


Ability To lookup finished routes, events from the past.

Maintenance Management

  • Onsite
  • Emergency
  • Maintenance Route Plan
  • Easy Maintenance Reporting by Driver, Manager, Area Manager (Free text, and picture upload)


Version Updates

2017 July 21.

-Areas + Predefined Routes

-Excel exports

-Diver interface – driver estimated KG.

-Diver interface dropdown: (dirty, grafitty, rust, lock issue, physical damage)

-Diver interface checkbox (Need maintenance)


2017 September 26.

-Total number of containers in field

-Next weeks Routes/Drivers

-Containers for Emergency maintenance -List on the Home page, (basic/emergency)

-Full container list + (alert) field by sensor fullness

-Manage Containers view in the list we need Lock and container type.  In note he can write if he has changed it. Admin will change lock type.

-Driver can not manage the lock type only see. In note he can write if he has changed it.

-some mark for the driver which containers are done and which are not done yet

-driver mark emergency/basic maintenance

-note for the maintenance for both maintenance type

-Statistics for area as well.

-Weekly totals for container (spreadsheet) -if container was collected twice a week it should show total amount of Kgs.

-instead of last emptied -> previous 8 weeks collected kgs (8 number in the spreadsheet)


2017 December 30.

-User rights by area: read only, full control


2018 January 17.

-Driver uploads estimated kgs, then at the Warehouse Manager/Admin should be able to change the values with automatic correction


2018 Jun 25.

-Printed route layout fix

-Maintenance marked containers should go to Maintenance Route plan as waypoints

-Statistics export name: Statistics + from to date by predefined + routes/area/council/container

-Area manager destination Warehouse fix

-Move stocks between different Warehouses and Depos


2018 July 1.

-Free-text for driver for Container

-Ability to delete anything

-Predefined routes edit, here weekly totals also should be visible


2018 July 13.

-Predefined Routes Import

-Ability to add external Container for Driver outside his current Route

-Import County and Site Type are missing fix

-Re-import should update existing Containers instead of duplicate them

-Route planning fix


2018 July 15.

-Ability to select containers from map when planning route (and for driver when he adds Container to his Route)


2018 July 23.

-Smartbin API and sensor data integration


2018 July 25.

-We need to be able to delete unfinished routes / and those which the driver has started.

-Postcode and the address is missing from the printed route

-Give a name for the route and wheicle/van name

-Driver interface should show the site name as well.

-Show external container add to the route the route does not refresh container route.

-First name, then address when correcting values auto corrigate.

-Total total in the statistics

-Postcode of container of the excel export

-See finished routes with an eye to see it.

-Remove old routes (an option for the manager and admin)

-Drivers should be in an Area as well as Managers

-Statistics more then 10 entries to see at a time (should be option show all)

-Complete cleanup and import for test client


2018 Aug-Sept.

-First live client testing and several bug fixes

-Creation of test system where all new features are tested in a test period before live updates


2018 October 26.

-Unit managers should have the manage container section.

-Free-text for drivers for each route

-New maintenance info, container name should be autofill

-Improved printed route layout

-Driver start/stop/break button available in driver interface

-Speeded up route planning (much faster list of containers)

-Colours on the map for sensored containers in route plan

-Container pictures on the map in route plan (if picture exist of the container, always latest picture if there are more pics)


2018 November 11.

-Top and flop 100 containers weekly/yearly statistics

-Container notes (pictures comments etc from driver) are available under manage containers menu


2018 December 23.

-Speed up route plan

-Colour code based on weekly total depending on max Kg

-Google estimate driving time (not possible as google plans and estimates “only on the fly”)

-Seperate Containers and sites, with import

-Greenworld delete container bug fix

-Driver start/finish/break buttons + statistics


New Features completed 2019

– Edit finished routes
– Above map total duration and distance
– OSRM map updates
– Truck Navigation
– Truck types (size) + max capacity
– German Addressing System (done but need some more input)
– WordPress Iframe for Container location lookup for websites.
– Site Based Routeplan added as option
-Tour static predefined route (Germany) (done but need more input)
– Empty Site for multiple containers in one go (Driver will be able to write in kgs once on a site then the system will divide it up between the containers)
– Driver Finish button on mobile optimisation
– Offload from maintenance Routes should appear in the statistics
– Clone routes
– Driver should be able to make Predefined route (switchable option)
– Change Pre-Defined route waypoint order
– Theft Tick box
– Other work activity
– Kms run by a vehicle monthly statistics
– Manager should be able to drive through a route
– How many kms a Driver drove on a week
– Correct kms at stock in
– Statistics for Sites
– Route planning by Site – Save Route by Site without driver and vehicle
– Addressing System – Commune Reference Codes – Gemeindeschl├╝sselnummer – Added to Site parameters
– Area Manager should be able to create Drivers
– Route plan by site + “predefined route” column
– Extra statistics – Kreis, Lamdkreis, kreisfrei Stadt Amt, Gemeinde, Stadt, Cooperation Partners
– Managers should see only their areas at top/flop 100 container statistics
– BUG – Antonio – Statistics -1 – Collection by Driver – Pred Route: N/A
– BUG – Route Plan by site fix – it was not possible to remove sites
– BUG – Not properly geocoded addresses

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