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SmartCollection is a management software for Recycle Collection Companies who wish to increase productivity, increase efficiency and lower the overall cost of collection. With the built in Rute Plan and Planning tools you will be able to easy decide on collection routes based on Containers with Fullness Sensors and Projection of fullness on containers with no sensor based on the previous 8 weeks

SmartCollection is an Application used by the manager, area managers as well as the drivers that is easy to use and packed with features.

Feature List


Collection Management

  • Manage Warehouses
  • Manage Containers / Container Parameters
  • Manage Container Areas
  • Manage Routes / Predefined Routes (Efficient, flexible Route planning)
  • Manage Area Managers
  • Manage Drivers
  • Manage Container Sensors



  • Live Fullness Level (%) of Containers equipped with Fill Level Sensors
  • Weekly Totals / Container
  • Seperate Interfaces for Driver, Manager, Area Manager
  • Different Access Rights for different roles of users
  • Edit/Delete Saved Routes
  • Ability to add extra Waypoint to a Route which is being collected.
  • Route Optimisation and live Route updates by Google Drive integration.
  • Ability to print routes on paper


Live Updates of Collection, Events, Notifications

  • Live Warehouse Events
  • Live Notifications (Driver actions, Emptied Sites etc.)



  • By Driver
  • By Container
  • By Predefined Route
  • By Area
  • By Council
  • Export to Exel, CSV or PDF for any period


Ability To lookup finished routes, events from the past.

Maintenance Management

  • Onsite
  • Emergency
  • Maintenance Route Plan
  • Easy Maintenance Reporting by Driver, Manager, Area Manager (Free text, and picture upload)


Latest Updates:

August 2020

  • Slovenian language added to user interface under Settings
  • Export Route to Exel (Icon next to the print route icon)
  • Area Manager can now manage Depot and Warehouse in his/her area.
  • Lock type visible for the driver on the waypoint overview screen
  • BUG: Slow loading has been fixed
  • BUG: Screen refreshing when typing in search container field has been fixed
  • BUG: Area Manager does not see the totals in the info boxes on the frontpage. Issue Fixed
  • When driver click on a site to add KG, now the site name is visible at the top to make sure they have clicked the right one.


June/July 2020

  • Improving Documentation
  • Ware House Manager -> Sold to
  • Manage Buyer
  • Top/Flop Containers searches
  • Mobile Version: Warning when “Skip the Unprocessed Sites” is pressed to confirm you want to ski(still being tested/bug)
  • Manage Site: Manage Lost Sites/ Manage New Sites
  • Manage Site: Quick unlink a container from site so site can be deleted (Container remains under
  • Manage Container but Deactivated)
  • Manage Container: Improved Icons and Container Management & more status options
  • Manage Maintenance: Improved Icons and Container Management & more status options
  • Route Plan by Container: Type of container is now visible under “Predefined Routes”
  • Route Plan by Container: Maintenance icons and container notes visible when planning
  • Maintenance Route plan: Easy overview with Icons and only showing Containers to be brought in, ready to bring out and Basic (in case you deem task too big to do onsite)
  • Driver can mark Basic (On Site) maintenance as completed if and when fixed onsite


May 2020

  • Emergency Empty under Container Management
  • Manage Deleted Containers
  • Statistics “Partners” Ready (Norway Request)
  • If no Sensor, Fullness Column not visible (If no API Key added)
  • If driver skip Containers, it is now visible in the Logs (visible for programmers now, later in notification as well and can be searched)
  • Filters on Templates, Next Routes and Finished Routes, Archive Routes and Notification
  • Drivers can Clone existing templates and make their own. An issue with Edit button. Will be sorted shortly
  • Alias now visible in Archived Routes
  • Driver can choose car before start if no car was added during planning of route
  • Archived Routes. On each route you have export to EXEL and PDF buttons. Working on adding columns for Driver Estimate and System Estimate to appear. We are adding more details around driver, date etc in printout
  • Edit Maintenance Route
  • Skip Containers on Maintenance Route


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